Apple is said to be working on a hardware subscription for iPhones

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Apple is working on a new hardware subscription for its iPhones, according to Bloomberg. Other company products could also be offered as a subscription in this way, such as iPads or Apple Watch series smartwatches.

Instead of paying a high purchase price, customers could subscribe and use the hardware for a limited period of time, such as with a leasing model, before returning it and possibly upgrading to a newer generation. A monthly fee would then be charged for this. Apple itself has not commented on the alleged plans.

In fact, Apple should use this program more like a lease and not an installment payment. So you don’t stutter the respective device and you can keep it at some point, but after the subscription phase you go back to Apple. However, there may be the option during the term to upgrade to a newer or higher quality model for an additional charge. According to Bloomberg, this service could start at the end of 2022. However, a postponement or a complete stamping-out would still be possible.

Apple may be able to link this hardware subscription to its Apple One and/or Apple Care offers. However, my guess is that Apple could start with such a service in the US first, only to expand internationally later, depending on the assumption.

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