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I’ve written it several times here on the blog: Apple’s Notes app is better than its reputation, whether it’s on macOS, iOS or iPadOS. For me personally the factory tool is enough for a lot and with each system update new things are added every year. However, you always had to be careful how you worked.

While macOS, iOS, and iPadOS find text in images and documents, even if they aren’t OCRed, Apple Notes doesn’t apply real OCR when you “scan” a document through the app (Create a new note > Camera icon > Scan Document) . But what is now possible is to photograph text including the ability to extract the text and insert it into a note.

In other words: take a photo of a piece of paper and immediately transfer the text to a new note. This also works like “scan” via the camera icon in Apple’s Notes app on iPhone and iPad. If you click on it and choose “Scan Text”, you should be able to extract the text from a document directly.

This works with full texts that are in the camera’s field of view. Alternatively, you can click the text field at the bottom right (far right in our article image) to select the text on the screen that should end in the note. Apple also has a video of that. published.

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