CCleaner 5.90 Gives Users New Features and Tools – Big Update



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Big update for new CCleaner features with version 5.90

the CLEANER it is probably one of the best known software solutions apart from the classic features of operating systems. It is not for nothing that the product is used on many millions of computers around the world and makes the use of modern technology faster and easier. With version 5.90, the developers have now made the latest version of the popular software available to customers. Thanks to many reviewed tools, the download is well worth it. We’ll show you what innovations you can expect and also take a close look at the overall software offering.

What is CCleaner and what advantages does it offer?

The well-known manufacturer Piriform is behind the popular CCleaner software. In general, it is a solution for simple and effective cleaning on different platforms. Because over the years, a large proportion of files, shortcuts and programs that are no longer needed accumulate on the hard drive of the computer or notebook. On the one hand, these take up an unnecessarily large amount of hard drive storage space, but on the other hand, they can also significantly affect performance. The difference is particularly noticeable when the storage medium is full, performance drops more and more, and programs or the operating system take a long time to start up effectively.

This is where CCleaner comes in, among other things, and offers an effective and simple solution for significantly increased performance on your home computer. Among other things, you can rely on the simple deletion of information and files on the computer that are no longer needed. At the same time, CCleaner has been digging into its bag of tricks for years and cleaning the registry, for example. Links and files that are no longer needed are removed safely, quickly and completely. There are often many gigabytes that can be easily deleted. With the help of CCleaner, this is very easy and effective. Improved privacy can also be achieved with the help of popular software on your home computer. To do this, users benefit from a simple file history cleanup. Links and stored information are removed from the hard drive with a single click.

The CCleaner is basically free software, at least the basic functions to find programs, shortcuts and files that are no longer needed can be used without restrictions. However, the full potential of the solution only becomes apparent to the user when he reaches the Pro version, which of course costs money. Among other things, however, the user only benefits in this version of a premium service provided by friendly and experienced staff who are on hand to advise and act if you have any questions. Driver Updater, an automatic cleanup function for effective background work and cleanup in all common browser versions, is also exclusively available to users who have purchased a license. Especially with regular use and if you want proper support, it may be worth using the purchased version.

These innovations await you with the big software update.

Updates for CCleaner are basically nothing new and recently the manufacturer Piriform brought one to users. However, reviews have clearly been limited, especially in recent months and years. In view of the maturity of the technology and functionality, this is not a big surprise, at the same time, this fact causes a stir with the current update to version 5.90. Here, CCleaner brings some handy new tools that go far beyond closing security holes.

The necessary information about updates and important changes is provided by the manufacturer itself, among other things. Here you can already see the information that three new components for cleaning on the computer are now an integral part of CCleaner. Ultimately, this ensures a much more thorough cleaning and wiping of the hard drive. With convenient features for deleting temporary files in Chrome, in various Windows components, and in the Windows Photos app, many important and common areas of working with CCleaner are now included. A bug that was disrupting cleanup in Windows 10 Game Explorer is now history and is no longer included in the new version of CCleaner.

CCleaner’s latest update also includes revised and significantly improved speech recognition. With a fresh installation on your own computer, the popular program now automatically recognizes the system language and adapts the installation to it. With this, the manufacturer has taken care of one of the biggest problems that prevented many users from using the CCleaner. Although support for languages ​​with more than 60 different languages ​​is already very extensive, they had to be searched through a confusing list and users often did not find the desired variant.

Those using the Pro version also benefit from a driver updater fix. This has been included since 2021, claims to be the right solution for more than five million drivers and now also benefits from comprehensive improvements. New security features are included which, among other things, are intended to prevent complications when installing new drivers. However, Driver Updater is not available in the free version; an official license must be purchased for the Pro version. If you want to secure the current version 5.90 of CCleaner, you can download it directly from the manufacturer. This also ensures that the software is always up to date. However, if you are already using CCleaner on your own computer, you should be notified about the new update in no time. This can be installed, all settings and adjustments from the previous software remain, of course, without restrictions.

Easy to use, clear functions: CCleaner is perfect for beginners

Over the years, CCleaner has been installed on many computers and is now used daily in many different environments. This is due in part to the powerful features and numerous tools that are an integral part of the software. With these, it is no longer just a small solution for occasional use, but a powerful tool for everyday use in private and professional settings.

The fact that the manufacturer has not lost sight of the target group of beginners and inexperienced users is even more impressive. The very simple operation and the good overview of all functions, the great advantages of the program from the very beginning, can still be found in CCleaner today and, of course, have not disappeared with the update to version 5.90. Many of the functions can be operated with a single click and do not require any knowledge. Thanks to comprehensive algorithms, it is also ensured that only files, photos and entries that are no longer needed are deleted. Even driver installation is risk-free, thanks in part to new and additional security features.

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