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Version 2.20 of the Corona-Warn-App (CWA) has been released. The application has received some news again, about which we would like to inform you as usual.

After the update to the new version, the Corona-Warn app now only shows increased risk for 10 days after a risk encounter instead of the previous 14 days. Also, the risk indicator is adjusted after a positive test result. However, in the future, after a risky encounter, the increased risk will be displayed as a red tile. Seven days after the positive test, the risk status is displayed again permanently.

With version 2.20, the Corona warning app is also available in Ukrainian. Users have been able to download them from the Ukrainian App Store or Play Store since the beginning of March. In the meantime, the project team has fully translated them into Ukrainian.

You will notice changes if you have submitted a recovery certificate in the Corona-Warn app. The validity date is no longer shown here, as the validity is based on local regulations. Instead, the app displays the date of the first positive test so it can be quickly verified in the event of a check. With the new version, the validity dates are no longer displayed on convalescence certificates. Since the validity of certificates depends on local regulations, the date of the first positive test on which the certificate is based is now displayed:

From March 29, 2022, users can also reissue vaccination certificates directly through the app. Some app users may soon see an “Update Certificate” note below their booster certificate. This is not because your certificate has expired, but because, according to the RKI, the EU has changed the requirements for vaccination certificates for booster shots. This means that certificates that do not meet current requirements are still valid, but may not be recognized during an inspection. The changes primarily affect users who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or a post-recovery vaccine. that write that project team for this:

the The reason for the change: Affected users only received one vaccine as a basic immunization, which the CWA entered as “vaccination 1 of 1”. You booster vaccination was consequently like “Vaccination 2 of 2” However, this means that the CWA cannot distinguish this booster vaccination from the “2 of 2 vaccination” for all those who have received two vaccines for the primary immunization (BioNTech, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines). As a result, the CWA does not recognize booster shots for users who have been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or received a post-recovery shot. In order to be able to distinguish between these certificates in the future, the booster shot of affected users will be given as a “Vaccination 2 of 1” encoded

The CWA automatically detects if there are certificates that need to be exchanged and informs the relevant users. They can then voluntarily request a new immunization certificate free of charge directly through CWA by tapping the “Update Certificate” notice below their affected certificate. Once you have given your consent, the certificate is sent to the Robert Koch Institute for verification. The RKI then issues the updated certificate and sends it back to the CWA. Users will find their updated certificate in the Certificates tab as usual.

The old certificate is automatically moved to the recycle bin and permanently deleted there after 30 days.

The message about a status change has also been adjusted. Until now, there were no push notifications for high-stakes encounters, so you always had to check in the app; this is no longer the case with a notification. You will also be notified of status changes after the app update. This may be the case, for example, if you have added a new certificate or because the rules have changed. The notification is made in the Certificates tab.

Additionally, the CWA runs on Android 13, which Google says should be released in fall 2022.

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