GGWP: AI should help curb toxic behavior in games



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Anyone who plays computer games and video games regularly in online multiplayer will surely have come across other players at least once who are just plain annoying and obviously dedicated to spoiling the fun of others. Although you can usually report such black sheep, it’s mostly like reporting an unknown person: nothing comes of it. Now some industry veterans want to do just that. with the GGWP project something different.

They have already raised $12 million. Behind GGWP are Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao, esports professional Dennis Fong, and data and AI expert Dr. Jorge Ng. Backers include Bitkraft Ventures, Sony Innovation Fund, Riot Games, and more. For example, influencer Pokimane, Krafton CEO CH Kim, and YouTube founder Steve Chen, as well as Twitch founders Emmett Shear and Kevin Lin have also invested in the project.

GGWP stands for “Good Game, Well Played.” It’s argued that a bad atmosphere in games hurts businesses, too: after all, many gamers turn away when they no longer enjoy their titles or constantly run into troublemakers. Therefore, GGWP should introduce an AI-supported auto-moderation platform. For developers and publishers, this also includes graphical representations that visualize the state of the community.

GGWP should work as an API and integrate into games without much effort. The highlight is that past player behavior that attracts negative attention can be displayed. Anyone who misbehaves can often be better recorded. In general, players can be assigned a Community Reputation which also differs based on the severity of the infractions. GGWP can automatically e.g. For example, behaviors such as friendly fire, cheating, quitting, and the like can be logged and saved so that they can be permanently assigned to players.

Of course, such a system must work reliably and must also recognize and assign contexts correctly. Especially since there may be concerns from some players about getting into some sort of permanent monitoring when playing the game. I will continue to monitor the project myself and am curious to see how it develops. on the official site you get more background information.

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