How can I increase the performance of my PC?

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First, consider: is your computer slow, or is the speed problem just a program? If so, take a close look at the program. With Task Manager you can find out which programs are currently using your PC the most.

with CLEANER or AVG Optimization it can also clean and speed up your PC.

If you Windows PCs If it’s slow on a regular basis, obviously it may be because it doesn’t meet your needs. Before thinking about a new PC, you should first check if the operating system and programs are up to date.

The easiest way to update Windows is to use Windows Update. The update functionality can also be stopped or disabled for various reasons.

Over time, you will install a lot of software and applications on your PC. Many of them hide in programs that start after installation. This means that your computer wants to open all these programs immediately after you start them. The more programs on this list, the slower your PC will start. In Windows, you can use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL) (SHIFT LEFT) (ESC) to open Task Manager, which you can use to close unnecessary startup programs.

For example, if you suspect a problem with some cores, you can set the number of cores that Windows starts on. How to proceed:

  • Press the key combination [Windows] [R]. A new dialog box will open.
  • Enter the command “msconfig” and confirm with [Enter].
  • Click on the “Startup” tab and then click on “Advanced Options”.
  • If you select “Processor Count”, you can choose the number of Windows cores to boot. Set the amount you want and click OK.

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