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If you like to type and format text on your PC, Word is definitely the program for you. And if you want to create graphs and do calculations, it’s Microsoft Excel Just for you. They are both in different Microsoft Office packages accessible. But if you want a table or a graph Standing out on Word insert, this can become tedious, an error that occurs quickly due to a mismatch in the Microsoft Excel source file. Here we show how this can be avoided.

Microsoft Excel can do that

basically it is Microsoft Excel a dedicated spreadsheet that can be installed on all major devices and operating systems.

Its functions in detail:

  • calculations The most important types of calculation can be performed in multiple cells and supplemented by known variables.
  • graphics and graphs Numerical tables can be converted into visual data, for example, to show the results more clearly in a presentation.
  • calendar It can be used, among other things, to manage appointments and recurring events.
  • inventory management Inventory and storage location lists can be used for automatic calculations.
  • input of hours, project hours, dependent time, etc. recorded in an array and appended to the result.
  • forms In addition to the predefined selection options, you can easily create individual standard formulas for many application areas.
  • mailing list A structured list with all relevant data is suitable for an overview, for example, of the recipients of the newsletter.
  • data analysis Among other things, detailed data sets can be downloaded and saved in CSV format.
  • Analytical accounting and budgeting, records and forecasts are calculated and updated automatically.

Integrate Microsoft Excel into Word: This is how it works

Around Microsoft Excel spreadsheets functional with one word document To link, you need to follow a few steps:

  • in one microsoft excel document The table area is first selected and copied to Notes.
  • Then it will become that. word document inserted where the table appears. If the table was created in the correct format, you should select “Link and keep original formatting” in the Paste options. If the table is still free to style, the “Link and use target formatting models” option is correct.
  • The table structure can be customized using the Table Layout and Layout tabs.

Microsoft 365

the Microsoft 365 subscription service ensures that the latest Microsoft tools are always available.

There are differences between microsoft 365 plans both for personal use and for companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Plans include the core Office desktop apps, plus additional online storage and cloud-connected real-time file collaboration capabilities.

The most popular for private use are:

Microsoft 365 Family up to 6 people. It includes AI-powered apps, 1TB of cloud storage per person, and enhanced security for all your devices.
Microsoft 365 staff with the same functions as Family, but only for one device. All versions including Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, A note, panorama, Access and editors.

Microsoft 365Mac

For Apple users you will find Microsoft 365Mac available, here you can also easily work with Word, Outlook, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote.

Microsoft 365Mac it was specially developed to support typical Mac features like dark mode, camera switching in macOS or Touch Bar.

Microsoft Office 2019: the best option?

Full-fledged permanent goodness Buy Microsoft Office? No problem! For that Microsoft Office 2019 developed. office applications excuse me Word, panorama or Microsoft Excel for PC and Mac are only available for a one-time payment. After purchase, you can install the software or use the download function from microsoft-office use.

Cons: Updates are not included with purchase. If you need them later, you will need a new major version of microsoft-office purchase at full price.

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