How to take screenshots in Windows 10

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You don’t even need to download and install additional programs. Windows itself has programs like “crop tool”. Also, you can use tools like “painting” Annotate screenshots with icons and other colored markings.

How to create a standard screenshot in Windows 10

If you want to take a screenshot of the current screen content, press the key combination “Windows Key + Print Screen”. The image is now saved to the clipboard and can be copied from there to a program like “painting” be inserted. To do this, press the key combination “Ctrl+V”. Using multiple monitors creates a large, complete image of all screens.

To take a screenshot of the currently active window, press the key combination “Alt + Print”. Here you can use screenshots “Ctrl+V” be included in any program.

How to take screenshots with the Snipping tool

cropping tool it is a built-in Windows tool. If you want to take a quick screenshot, it’s best to call the little program from the start menu by typing its name. After launching the tool, you can use your mouse pointer to mark the area shown on the screenshot. This is especially useful if you only want to see small individual areas.

Once you create it, you can use features like marker, pen, and eraser. Screenshots can also be saved with a single click or emailed directly. try it yourself

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