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Admittedly, it hasn’t been a problem for me personally so far, but a lot of people seem to like the “new” feature that has arrived with iPadOS 15.4. I’d be happy to pass that on. I put “new” in quotes because the feature is only “new” to you if you don’t have a current iPad mini. That’s when the feature called “Fixed Volume Control” first appeared. It can now be found on all iPads running iPadOS 15.4.

The settings can be found under Settings > Sounds and you should see for yourself what is most comfortable for you, or if you can get used to it. First of all, the volume control is activated in a fixed position. So there is one switch for higher and one for lower. They are always in the same place. If the switches are on the top left, like you normally would with your iPad Pro in landscape mode, then the left switch would be used to increase the volume. The one on the right lowers the volume. If you hold the iPad with the switches facing down, then it’s… on the right, switch on the right for lower, on the left for higher. Is position fix enabled?

Disabled If you do the setup now, the volume control is adjusted based on the position of the iPad. If the sliders are at the top left, then the one on the left will make it quieter and the one on the right will make it louder. That feels more natural, doesn’t it? Logo, because that’s how you do it with these round controls on stereo systems. It gets stronger on the right.

Of course it also works if you have the controls at the bottom. And what happens if you hold the iPad vertically? That’s right, the down button always makes it quieter, regardless of whether the controls are on the left or right. Feel free to try it out. I would almost say that many turn off the position fix function. a supporting document from Apple can be found here. So: Left or down = quiet. rest strong.

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