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First warning statement from Kaspersky BSI

The statement and recommendation of the Federal Office for Information Security of March 15 continues to cause great uncertainty among many companies, individual users of the software or customers who are looking for a good security solution for daily use on their home computer. The company has now expressed itself in an open letter about the statements, recommendations and allegations that affect its own range.

What does Kaspersky’s statement really refer to?

As already mentioned, on March 1, 2022, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) issued a new recommendation for the use of Kaspersky security software. The background: The maker of the popular programs is suspected of collaborating with the Russian government or transmitting user data. Especially in the current situation, many users are concerned about security when using modern software solutions.

In this context, the BSI message left a clear impression. Because this clearly states that both consumers and professional users should refrain from using Kaspersky software. Anyone who relies on a corresponding product should find an alternative as soon as possible and replace the program on the computer or laptop.

In a letter, the founder of the company speaks about the current situation

Letter from Eugene Kaspersky:

The letter is from Eugene. kaspersky, the founder of the company. The central statement can also be easily summarized: the founder rejects the accusations and speaks of an “unjustified attack”.

However, in the additional explanations, Eugene Kaspersky addresses the BSI’s claims more clearly and precisely. According to Kaspersky, the statements made by the ministry are just conjecture and also point to a lack of evidence or even concrete indications. The BSI recommends switching to other security solutions due to the potential risk of an attack on important infrastructure or technical devices, as Kaspersky security software installed on systems has extensive authorizations.

Eugene Kaspersky describes the recommendation made by the BSI as a purely political decision, meaning that it has no factual basis. The spontaneous pronouncement of the recommendation is also clearly criticized in the letter, since Kaspersky herself only had a few hours to comment on the accusations made.

The current situation of consumers remains basically unchanged…

The consequences for the Kaspersky company remain enormous, but have been exacerbated by the BSI recommendation. The Eintracht Frankfurt soccer club canceled the sponsorship deal with Kaspersky shortly after the recommendation became known. Many customers also remain very insecure and don’t know what action is really the right one. This is one of the reasons why Kaspersky reports a very high workload and numerous customer inquiries to customer support. Therefore, support is available 24 hours a day to be able to meet the needs of customers, even at the beginning.

However, not much has changed for customers. The recommendation of the Federal Office for Information Security naturally still applies after Eugene Kaspersky’s open letter. However, there is still no fundamental evidence or understandable approach that highlights the cooperation with the Russian government or that could signal a danger to the customer. Furthermore, customer data is not backed up on Russian servers, but on appropriate technologies in Switzerland. Therefore, these are not subject to the direct influence of government agencies. Also, Kaspersky Holding is headquartered in London and the company has many branches in different countries, including Germany.

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