Kaspersky security software: what is the current situation regarding its use?



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Is the information about the current situation of Kaspersky still usable?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has dominated the media for several days. The effects can be seen in all areas of daily life, even the software area is no exception. With Kaspersky security software, a program with Russian origins can be found on countless computers and systems, even in Germany. Therefore, many customers are now wondering if their personal data and devices are still safe. We have an initial assessment of the current situation for you and provide helpful tips for safe computer use.

Important facts about the current state of Kaspersky security software

home security software kaspersky is one of the most well-known and popular programs for protection against various threats on the computer. At the same time, this solution is also one of the best variants on the market. The current version was only recently able to secure victory in the Stiftung Warentest test. The rating: a rare “very good.” In principle, the best advertising to gain many new customers.

Due to the situation in Russia already mentioned and the constant increase in reports of cyber attacks or restricted access to the Internet, many consumers and users of Kaspersky software are now concerned about computer security. However, the focus here is not on lack of protection and limited features don’t play a role either, but rather on caring about personal data. After all, security software usually has powerful powers and access to all areas of the computer. Consequently, it is a good step to take a closer look at the origin of the manufacturer and publisher of the security software.

And this is where Kaspersky stands out, considering current events. The company is based in Russia. The foundation in 1997 also took place in Russia. Consequently, the first voices were quickly raised, calling for a reevaluation of security software and a rethinking of its use.

What is the recommendation of common experts and specialists for all aspects of use?

Many experts and specialists have also discussed whether using Kaspersky security software is still a good option. The results are quite clear for several reasons, because in principle nothing stands in the way of use. This is guaranteed, among other things, by the storage of the central and important data of all users in the Switzerland, so they are not found on Russian servers. Another great advantage is the manufacturer’s global network. Although the company’s headquarters are still in Russia or Moscow, the teams and developers operate all over the world and have different branches and locations. This also applies to Germany, among other things, which is why a large number of competent employees are also available here to deal with customer needs. In addition, the manufacturer Kaspersky promises the anonymous storage of user data so that they cannot be transferred or used externally.

In addition, Kaspersky ensures even more security and trouble-free use of the software, since there is no need to provide information to the Russian authorities or the government. Then kaspersky he himself claims that he is not subject to the Russian system of investigative operational measures or similar laws. Even if the authorities are potentially interested in the data, they have no way of accessing it.

In general, there are no direct points that speak against the use of Kaspersky security software, but more general information. After all, not even the best expert can tell if and how the government can influence the makers of modern security software. In most cases, the corresponding information only arises when the transfer of personal data has already taken place. However, this is not expressly a problem. Kaspersky or Russiabut it generally applies to all countries and all software developers.

If you are not sure, there are also good alternatives for more computer security

If you are still not sure, but do not want to do without the protection of modern security software, you can of course simply switch. There are now numerous software solutions on the market that promise good protection in everyday life and at the same time come from other countries. A good option, for example, is the manufacturer. GData This is a proven high performance solution with the title «Made in Germany“. The data processing takes place exclusively here on the site on the corresponding servers. In principle, the programs are available for both private and professional users, but products for private users are particularly popular. The program offers particularly good protection Total Data Security G, a comprehensive and feature-rich suite. In addition to protection against classic threats on Windows computers, the program offers suitable offers for macOS, Android and iOS. The next-generation antivirus protection reliably detects both simple and complex dangers when using end devices, but also convinces with many other features. These include, for example, a password manager or a function with which automatic backups can be made. Therefore, the use of the software is all about security.

Company security software is also a good option. Avira The manufacturer must be well known to many programs, including through regular advertising or years of experience. The solution Avira first It convinces with many functions and good protection, including a practical app for mobile devices. An integrated VPN service is also included, with which you can surf the Internet in a particularly secure and encrypted way. Therefore, you do not have to worry about maximum security, even if you regularly use the global network. With the help of practical optimization tools, the manufacturer Avira also promises you more performance and performance on your home computer.

Tip: Many antivirus programs also have free versions available. As a user, you can use them to get a first impression of the features and options before you finally decide to switch from Kaspersky to one of the attractive alternatives. In any case, the market gives you the freedom to do this, so it’s definitely worth taking a closer look.

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