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Microsoft Excel: the powerful spreadsheet program

it certainly counts Microsoft Excel among the most efficient and feature-rich spreadsheet programs in the market. Provides numerous formulas and functions for extensive calculations. However, the software is not only suitable for processing numerical material, but also a powerful tool when it comes to filtering and using texts. Have you ever come across a situation where a list contained numerous duplicates when there shouldn’t be? In this blog post, we will show you how to use the UNIQUE function Easily remove duplicates from a list. Please note that this feature will only be available from Excel 2021 and in Microsoft Office 365 available.

The initial situation: a list contains duplicates

We will go through each step with an example. Imagine creating with Microsoft Excel based on a confusing collection of notes, a list of participants for a cozy club party. As soon as you accept the names, you have the feeling that some information may appear twice. Finally, your list looks like this:

He finds that his suspicion is confirmed and so is the list. duplicates contains. Especially with a longer list than in the example, it would be incredibly time consuming and tedious to remove duplicate entries by hand. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel offers countless features and functions that make life easier. Spreadsheet software also has a simple solution for this task. In view of the fact that Microsoft Excel often offers quite a bit more than one solution, it is just one solution among many.

How to remove duplicates from a list

You can remove duplicates from a list in just a few steps as follows:

  1. Go to the first cell in the column that should contain the clean list with no duplicate entries. In our example, this is the Cell D3.
  1. Give “= clearly(“and mark the list with the double entries with the mouse. Press the Enter or Return key. Microsoft Excel automatically completes your entry with the functional ending “)”.

In our example it looks like this:

  1. Done – you now have a clean list with no duplicate entries.

In our example, the result looks like this:

The UNIQUE function briefly explained

With the UNIQUE function you can easily get a list of unique values. It doesn’t matter if they are numbers or names. UNIQUE function is pending Excel 2021 and in Microsoft Office 365 available.

The syntax is as follows:


The array argument is required. Use this to define the array or range from which to return unique columns or rows.

About the plot”after the column” can specify how Microsoft Excel should be compared. While the logical value CERTAIN Compare columns and return the unique columns, compare INCORRECT rows together and then returns the unique rows. If you omit the argument, Microsoft Excel automatically uses the value INCORRECT for your operations.

As soon as UNIQUE function must return the rows or columns that occur exactly once in the array or range, the argument is “exactly once” use. This is the database concept. CLEARLY. While the logical value CERTAIN provides the desired effect INCORRECT the default value used automatically.

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