Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student: this is what the popular suite offers



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Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student: the ideal starter pack

More and more users are deciding to switch to Office 2021 – That’s right. Microsoft has made many improvements and new features to all Office programs. In the practical software collections enjoy together with Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business even Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student great popularity. But what programs does the Office suite contain, and what features speak for the software collection? In this blog post we summarize the most important information.

What programs are included in Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student?

If you Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student, you get Word 2021, Excel 2021, PowerPoint 2021, and OneNote. Although you can create a wide variety of texts with Word 2021 and format them according to your ideas, Excel 2021 is one of the most efficient spreadsheet programs on the market. PowerPoint 2021 enables the creation of professional presentations, and OneNote is used to capture digital notes.

For which operating systems is Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student available?

The software collection Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student is for Windows and Mac OS accessible. Beside windows 10 belongs windows 11 to the supported operating systems. Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student for Mac it can be used on the three latest versions of macOS. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Mac with Intel or Apple Silicon processor (M1 chip) acts. As soon as a new major version of iOS is available, it will be supported in place of the older previous version of the previous three-way lineup.

Who is Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student for?

As the name of the product already suggests, the Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student License among others, an excellent choice for home users, including students. The most important office tasks, such as creating texts, performing calculations and creating presentations, can be easily mastered with the Office suite. However, freelancers and freelancers also appreciate the strengths of the latest Office suite.

Word 2021: the feature-rich word processor

certainly is one office room from Microsoft would be unthinkable without the word processing program Word. When you buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student, you’re buying the latest version of the hit software that can be found on almost every computer. Whether it’s a simple letter, an invitation card, an annual report, a presentation, an assignment, or an entire book, with word 2021 you can create texts of all kinds and of any length. In addition to formatting options for the font, such as individual character spacing and bold, the word processing program offers a variety of layout options.

Whether in the private or professional sphere, if you. Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student, practical templates are available with which you can achieve convincing work results in the shortest possible time. You can even expand the wide range of templates according to your ideas. On the one hand, the Internet offers a large number of templates for download, on the other hand, you can create and use your own templates.

In just a few steps, you can insert tables, pictograms, shapes, images, charts, and 3D models into a Word document. Word 2021 is much more than a program to create text. A huge arsenal of features gives you maximum flexibility and design options.

With Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student Key, you benefit from some Word 2021 Innovations. Visual enhancements, optimized search functions, an expanded media collection, and support for OpenDocument Format 1.3 (ODF) are features to mention. The so-called line approach navigates you through a document line by line and prevents you from getting distracted when looking for errors. Microsoft has updated and added to the Characters tab. Now you can find all the important freehand tools in one place. Particularly noteworthy is the co-creation of documents, which is also one of the new features of PowerPoint 2021 and Excel 2021. Now multiple users can work on a Word document at the same time without receiving annoying indications of an existing write protection. In connection with modern commenting features, teamwork is even more efficient. If you Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Studenttherefore, it is ideally equipped for team tasks.

Excel 2021: the optimal software solution for spreadsheets

With the Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student license you acquire the spreadsheet software Excel 2021. The program uses tables to organize data of all kinds with formulas. From simple addition and subtraction tasks to mathematical equations and financial analysis, countless use cases can be conceived. Businesses of all sizes rely on the powerful capabilities of Excel for good reason.

The spreadsheet program is mainly used to organize data. Major applications include data entry, task management, data management, accounting, and time management. Numerous diagrams and graphs help to visualize the figures in an attractive way. Many companies use Microsoft Excel to complete their accounting, forecasting, and budgeting tasks.

If you buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student, you also benefit from Excel 2021 of numerous optimizations. Like in word 2021 and PowerPoint 2021 the same file can now be edited by multiple users at the same time thanks to collaborative document creation. The software highlights in color who is making what changes at the time. Messages about an existing write protection are a thing of the past with Excel 2021. Other innovations in Excel 2021 include general performance improvements, an expanded media collection, revised search features, custom sheet views, an accessibility ribbon, and the ability to to retrieve statistics about the workbook. On the functions side there are new array functions, the XMATCH function, the XLOOKUP function and the LET function as new features. Now you can find data and perform calculations even more efficiently.

PowerPoint 2021: the professional presentation software

With the Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student product key, the presentation program is yours PowerPoint 2021 available. Word processing, structuring, drawing, graphics and presentation management tools characterize the powerful software. The Office program allows you to create professional-looking presentations in no time.

Whether it’s the presentation of a new product, the presentation of business figures, a digital slideshow for a private birthday, or a presentation at school or university, PowerPoint 2021 can be used in a wide variety of areas of life. A PowerPoint presentation consists of multiple slides that can contain text as well as images, symbols, and other media.

Additional options for recording slideshows, an expanded media library, document co-authoring, and OFD 1.3 support are new features in PowerPoint 2021.

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