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Millions of users collaborate every day Microsoft Office packages. Standing out, Word, panorama and PowerPoint they are indispensable for private and commercial users. For 2021, the Office program now has a number of innovations up its sleeve. In some cases, these updates are really convenient and useful at work. you gotta get over that Microsoft Office update to know.

This is what the new update brings

The update provides two versions upon download: one for home users and one for business, both variants support 32-bit and 64-bit.

  • Office LTSC (Long Term Maintenance Channel) for large companies and users and government.
  • office 2021 for home users and small businesses. Microsoft is reducing support from seven to five years. Furthermore, the use of panorama, Word, Standing out and PowerPoint only in personal computer or MAC possible.

It’s probably the price microsoft-office increases with update. Users have to rely on unknown items with a price increase of around 10% when buying.

Some news in Microsoft Office

Office 2021 for private users and the enterprise LTSC have announced new features:

  • Better accessibility.
  • Excel now gets features like pivot tables and x-lookup.
  • With dark mode supported, multiple apps can be better used.
  • standard applications like Word, Standing out, panorama and PowerPoint improve performance.
  • New packages will come with Microsoft equipment delivered. Skype is no longer available for the corporate client.

Team Feature Extensions:

With Microsoft modules it is possible to initiate direct surveys among meeting participants.

The word is simplified:

Editor’s review is now easier to spot spelling errors and accept spelling suggestions directly by clicking directly. This feature can also be used by iPhone or iPad.

In Brief: Microsoft Office Update Changes

  • Microsoft has finally confirmed the editions so far Office 2021 default and Office 2021 Professional Plus.
  • These will come with A note and equipment delivered.
  • The packages are available as a subscription license (Office 365) and perpetual license available.
  • With a price increase for office packs and individual applications or individual products are expected.
  • the office versions is available for Windows and Mac.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit editions are still available.

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