New features in Zoom: These features make video conferencing even better



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Simplified video conferencing with new Zoom features

It is also undoubtedly due to the consequences of the global pandemic, but in general, today’s software solutions for video conferencing are in high demand. In addition to daily work from home, the programs also support contact with family or exchange with friends. Even learning from your desk at home is great with the right software. One of the best known and most popular software solutions in this segment is Zoom from Zoom Communications. Of course, the manufacturer keeps the program up to date, even through a recently released update.

What new features does the current update to Microsoft Zoom bring to users?

Over the months and years, the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to keep Zoom’s software up to date, add new features, and increase security. The developers also listen to customer feedback and take care of security, for example, which has long been considered a clear drawback of the program. However, since the release of version 5 at the latest, these problems have been a thing of the past. Developers now rely on strong, next-generation AES encryption to take security to a new level. Also, developers have recently reacted to the release of new operating systems and adapted video conferencing software. Consequently, the use of Zoom in Windows 10 and windows 11 nothing in the way, optimal compatibility is given here.

In addition, the manufacturers have included many practical tools with the updates that allow intuitive and convenient use of the Zoom software in everyday life. This applies, for example, to virtual backgrounds. Thanks to this feature, you can place all conference participants in a common virtual environment, this works for a maximum of 25 people per session. Although this feature has been freely available since 2021, it is a major and important innovation. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different ready-made scenes or upload your own scenes for individual use. Thanks to the intuitive operation and the good clarity of the software, this is done with absolute ease.

Advantages, possibilities and properties of Microsoft Zoom

It is not for nothing that Zoom software is one of the best-known and largest offers for video conferencing, but it also offers many different advantages and functions. The manufacturer promises the user fast and efficient communication directly via the Internet. The focus of the application is the so-called moderator. You can share your screen with other conference participants to share important information. This not only works for all content, but also for individual areas of the monitor if you wish. With practical tools such as an integrated whiteboard, conferences can be used even more effectively. If another participant needs to take over, for example for further explanation, the moderator can easily transfer the operation using the mouse and keyboard.

Since Zoom is technically up to date, high resolutions are of course not a problem at all, at least with the right hardware and a fast internet connection. Text messages can be easily exchanged during the conference, so a messenger is integrated. It even provides a file sharing feature.

In principle, the basic version of Zoom is free for users, but there are also some restrictions. This applies, for example, to the 40-minute time limit. In addition, only face-to-face conferences or group conversations are allowed, and a subscription must be purchased for professional use. With a price of at least 13.99 euros, it is sadly anything but cheap. In addition to the classic version for Windows, suitable apps for Android and iOS are also available. If you also just want to participate in a conference, you can also rely on a plugin for common browsers. The manufacturer also promises a very simple and effective operation with Zoom, which is why the program is also a good choice for beginners. Certainly no wish is left unfulfilled here.

Popular Alternatives for Effective Video Conferencing in Private and Professional Environments

However, the use of Zoom is always associated with some restrictions, this applies, for example, to functions in the basic version. Therefore, many users are looking for a good alternative that can also be used for video conferencing. In the following overview, you will find three of the most popular variants.

Microsoft Teams: The software of the well-known manufacturer is not necessarily a direct software for video conferencing, but it also masters this, among other things. This is a powerful program for more effective teamwork, especially in the professional segment. With a direct connection to common Office solutions and many attractive benefits, the program has been able to spread widely in recent weeks and months. Additionally, Microsoft Teams is now an integral part of all Office packages that are also suitable for business and professional use. Not only video calls and voice calls are available for communication in the team and between colleagues, you can also use a built-in messenger. You can use this to exchange any number of different messages or files to work even more effectively. One of the big benefits is the broad extensibility, as Teams brings with it many different interfaces. Plus, the program is basically free, even for smaller businesses. So if you also want to save some money, this well-equipped alternative from Microsoft is a great option.

IONOS Video Chat: IONOS Video Chat is also a good alternative to Zoom and has many features. Especially with professional use, things can quickly get complicated in the free version, but the options should be enough for many users. The great advantages of the program also include the very simple and intuitive operation, which is why beginners in particular make a very good choice with IONOS Video Chat. The software also works completely through the browser, so there is no need to install the program. There is also no need to register or create a user account for IONOS Video Chat. Simply start the meeting, enter your name, and then send the completed link to others to invite them to join. However, a maximum of five participants are allowed in a video conference. In return, IONOS Video Chat impresses with its high level of security. The program complies with all applicable data protection and encryption regulations here in Germany, so you don’t have to worry about losing or stealing important information. It can currently be used through the popular Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Of course, many other functions are available during the conference, including a chat or a partial function for the current screen. Here, too, you convey important information in just a few simple steps.

Skype: In this list of popular alternatives to Zoom, Skype should not be missing as a classic. The service now also belongs to Microsoft and is primarily aimed at private users. With many features and extremely simple operation, integrating the software into everyday life is more intuitive than ever. anyone with a computer windows operating system used, the installation is also saved in many cases. Skype is often already pre-installed and can therefore be used directly. Using Skype is free when using the basic features, only special requirements may incur costs. With state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption, you don’t have to worry about personal data, which is always well protected while you use Skype. Video and audio calls with unlimited duration and even with several participants are no problem. Of course, these convince with a good quality, Microsoft promises HD resolution if the requirements are met. An integrated messenger that also allows you to exchange different and even large files with ease. With built-in screen transfer, you can display important facts and information at a glance. By the way, Skype works on a huge number of platforms, so it’s not only a good option for the classic Windows PC. The service even works great on smartphones, on Xbox or on Amazon’s Alexa and is therefore at its best.

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