Nuance Dragon 15 version comparison: home, professional or legal?



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The best known speech recognition software is undoubtedly Nuance Dragon 15, with an excellent recognition rate of 99 percent. Compared to conventional text input via the keyboard, texts can be entered 3 times faster on average. Nuance Dragon 15 features include playback of dictated content for review, compatibility with numerous programs such as Word, voice command endpoint control, and voice social networking. However, a look at the different Home, Professional and Legal versions raises some question marks: Which version offers which features and is ideal for which target group? We not only offer the best software, we also offer the best answers, so let’s take a closer look at the differences.

Nuance Dragon 15 Home: the perfect software for private users

The Dragon 15 versions differ from each other both in terms of functionality and price. Based on features, Nuance Dragon 15 Home represents the perfect entry-level solution in the world of professional speech recognition. Private, freelance and freelance users in particular appreciate the wide range of features.

With Nuance Dragon 15 Home, you can dictate texts of any type and size, operate browsers with voice commands, and write emails with your voice. Even document formatting and review is possible by voice. Even without a cumbersome and time-consuming training process, the software offers impressive recognition accuracy. Using advanced deep learning technology, speech recognition software dynamically adapts to your voice and ambient noise. Optimizing for touchscreen devices allows the software to be used in a wide variety of ways.

Nuance Dragon 15 Professional: the professional solution

Nuance Dragon 15 Professional offers the functionality of the home version and adds a wide range of additional features. In this context, this version is not only aimed at demanding users, but also at companies that want to use a software solution that improves productivity in the back office, for example.

Significant feature enhancements include custom voice commands to insert standard text, create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with full text control, import and export your own industry-specific word lists, and convert audio recordings to text. The latter is particularly interesting for field staff who want to convert an on-site recorded audio file into editable text after an external appointment.

Another feature of Nuance Dragon 15 Professional is the synchronization of personal settings with the Dragon Anywhere mobile app (additional subscription required). In addition, a dictation can also be in English. Unlike the home version, updates are generally possible.

Nuance Dragon 15 Legal: the legal vocabulary software

The crucial difference of Nuance Dragon 15 Legal compared to the other versions is the integration of a specific legal vocabulary. For this reason, this version is mainly aimed at law firms, legal departments of companies, courts and legal departments of public administrations.

When dictating legal terms convincedt the software with exceptional recognition accuracy. The user can expand the vocabulary with additional technical terms. Legal documents, contracts and other summaries can be easily created by voice, with references even formatted automatically. Both the time and cost of transcription can be reduced with speech recognition software.

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