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Nuance Dragon Home 15: the efficient speech recognition software

How do we do with ours? Nuance Dragon 15 Version Comparison accounts have already been highlighted Shadow Dragon 15 to the most famous speech recognition programs. The excellent recognition rate of 99 percent is one of the outstanding features of the product. Nuance Dragon Home 15 is the perfect solution for beginners, entering the world of professional speech recognition kidnapped and significantly increased comfort. But what sets speech recognition software apart and what new features are available compared to previous versions? In this blog post, we take a closer look at the features of Nuance Dragon Home 15.

What are the main features of Nuance Dragon Home 15?

the speech recognition software it’s a convenient way to interact with your PC, allowing you to dictate documents, send email, search the web, and more with simple voice commands. Change the way you interact with your PC. You can spend your precious time on other important things besides writing texts. If you Buy Nuance Dragon Home 15you can write the longest texts in a short time.

Maximum precision: your word is the measure of all things

The improved accuracy rate compared to its predecessor makes it easier for you to get things done faster than ever. Your spoken words appear on the screen without misspellings, increasing your productivity many times over. The speech recognition program offers an incredible right from the start 99 percent recognition accuracy. The software quickly adapts to your voice and subsequently interprets your spoken words with extreme accuracy. You can easily customize Nuance Dragon Home 15 with custom acronyms, names, or other commonly used phrases to suit your personal needs.

Don’t let your ideas slip away, capture them at lightning speed with Nuance Dragon Home 15. Using the software is like talking to someone in a casual setting. Dragon offers you an easy and more fun way to capture your creativity. It also offers a complete Voice command control when dictating in Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail.

Excellent performance and interactive tutorials

While setting your profile to a multi-core processor system with more than 4 GB of RAM, Nuance Dragon Home 15 will choose the best language model for you without human intervention, significantly improving performance. Simple proofing and editing options allow you to work faster and thus increase your own performance.

The learning curve is not particularly steep, which makes Nuance Dragon Home 15 easy to learn and use. The help menu and interactive tutorials teach you good dictation, proofreading, and editing habits so you can create error-free text in minutes.

Program compatibility – an impressive spectrum

Testing and multitasking are made easier with volume control, speed and fast forward, rewind function. With your voice you can close, open or edit files, minimize programs and change settings. Nuance Dragon Home 15 is compatible with many Windows applications.

Among others, Microsoft Windows 7 File Explorer, Internet Explorer 11.x, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, DragonPad, Office 2010 Microsoft Word and Office 2010 Microsoft Outlook have been tested with Dragon Home 15 and are fully compatible.

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