Parallels Desktop 17 Standard Mac – Full support for Windows 11

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One of the most successful and efficient virtualization programs is Parallels Desktop for Mac, which allows you to run Windows and Linux on an iMac or MacBook without rebooting. Sometimes the constant switching between Mac and Windows programs is one of the strengths of virtualization software. With Parallels Desktop 17, a new version is now available that, in addition to being compatible with Windows 11, has many other improvements and innovations to offer. Which? With an eye on the best software, we take a closer look at Parallels Desktop 17 features in this blog post.

What are the special highlights of Parallels Desktop 17?

Virtualization of the upcoming Windows 11 and macOS 12 Monterey operating systems is one of the highlights of the new version of Parallels Desktop. The latter even works as a host system, so after flashing the “real macOS” in Monterey, you can use the virtualization software it contains.

Compared to its predecessor, Parallels Desktop 17 offers significant performance improvements. This is noticeable on the one hand through shorter loading times and on the other hand through higher graphics power in video playback and in 2D games. While Windows 10 is still up to 38% faster, DirectX 11 experiences a speed increase of up to 33%.

Parallels Desktop 17 offers full support for the new Windows 11 operating system.

In particular, newer Macs with an M1 chip, such as the current MacBook Air, benefit from Parallels Desktop 17 features: Mac battery health is now recognized by Windows guest systems and enables battery protection. the battery if necessary. However, for Macs with the M1 chip, the selection of supported guest systems is limited to Windows 10, Windows 11, four variants of Linux, and the upcoming macOS 12 Monterey.

The other innovations of Parallels Desktop 17 at a glance

The new version of Parallels Desktop has been equipped with a virtual TPM chip, which provides more security when encrypting using BitLocker and guarantees compatibility with the final version of Windows 11.

All Macs have seen improvements in Coherence mode. Whether at the Windows login screen, at shutdown or with updates, the virtualization software no longer switches to full screen mode in these cases, but instead presents the information in Windows so that it can be used in the meantime. better the originally installed operating system.

Parallels Desktop 17 Standard for only €79.90.

One of the new features in Parallels Desktop 17 is support for USB 3.1 devices. This makes it much easier to connect additional high-speed storage devices, such as portable SSDs. Also, user-friendly names of USB devices are now displayed in the Parallels Desktop menu, making it easy to identify and select the desired device.

Text and graphics can be effortlessly dragged and dropped between Mac and Windows applications in Parallels Desktop 17. This feature of Parallels Desktop 17 allows you to work more seamlessly with different applications from different “operating system worlds”.

With the new version of virtualization software, the Linux virtual machine can now be used in full screen mode on multiple screens. Additionally, Linux users benefit from multi-channel sound support and support for dynamic resolutions.

Since virtual machines receive the ideal amount of hardware resources through automatic optimization, Parallels Desktop 17 convinces with its solid performance.

With the Pro and Business editions, businesses appreciate the option of providing preconfigured virtual machines on any company Mac with an Apple M1 chip. The required applications can already be added to the installation package with little effort.

What editions of Parallels Desktop 17 are available?

Parallels Desktop 17 comes in Standard, Pro, and Business editions. Optimization for macOS Monterey, Windows download and installation, seamless Mac integration, and virtual TPM chip are found in all editions.

Parallels Desktop 17 Standard Edition can be purchased as an unlimited version without a subscription and enables extensive use of Windows and Linux applications on Mac. High performance and other optimizations fully benefit users of this edition.

Parallels Desktop 16 Professional subscription is primarily aimed at demanding users, businesses, freelancers, and freelancers. Compared to the standard edition, more virtual RAM and additional virtual CPUs are available per virtual machine. An enhanced plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio can also be used. Automation with CLI tools is another feature of Parallels Desktop 16 Pro.

The Business Edition is primarily aimed at businesses. Among other things, the business variant features Universal Binary for single mass distribution to all Macs.

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