Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 24 review: High-end video editing



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Pinnacle Studio: High-end software with many features

pinnacle studio is one of the most prominent and advanced screen recorder and video editing software. Both beginners and advanced users know how to use the strengths of the software to get impressive results. As one of the first video editing software on the market, the software can get off to a rocky start with various issues in the first few years. However, things changed when Corel acquired developer Pinnacle Systems in 2012, and today high-end software can be paired with feature-rich products like Adobe Premiere ElementsCyberLink PowerDirector and Filmora. Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate It offers improved performance compared to its predecessor, improved keyframing controls to streamline your edits, new overlays and graphics libraries, customizable title graphics for motion, and improved video masking capabilities. Our pinnacle studio last 24 The review clearly summarizes the new features of the powerful software.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 24 innovations at a glance

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 24 includes new and improved features to help you create better videos than ever before. Below we go into the most important innovations and improvements.

Improved video masking

the video masking has been improved and allows you to create edits frame by frame. The updated selection brush tool has an improved smart edge tool for selecting objects with different colors. In the previous version, only objects with the same color could be selected. If you want to apply a mask to objects of different colors, you must first select the subject and then refine the mask.

Optimized keyframe controls

The newest version of pinnacle studio ultimate features optimized keyframe controls. This feature is important when you want to adjust effects, adjust position and rotation, make some changes to transitions and effects, and reassign clips. There are endless possibilities when using keyframes. You can also select multiple keyframes and edit them together, underlining the flexibility of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 24.

Redesigned title editor

When it comes to creating a title or text graphic, Ultimate has greatly expanded its capabilities. You can edit your title in the video preview, animate titles with keyframes, and add animations to a specific word or even each letter. Users can save their work as presets for future projects or copy them to other projects.

You can also create titles in 3D, choosing the angle you want, the light source and the type of material to use. This opens up impressive design possibilities and sets Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate apart from the competition.

With an extensive library of effects, transitions, and overlays, you’ll never run out of ideas or designs for your videos. The software includes numerous overlays and graphics to support your creative process.

These features set Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate apart

Aside from Pinnacle’s new and improved features, some of the available tools can help you create great video content.

Ultimate has advanced options to control and customize the samples. You have four options, Basic, Tone Curve, HSL Tuning and Color Wheel. The Basic panel includes white balance, exposure, contrast, lighting, saturation, haze correction, and vibrance adjustments. The tone curve function helps adjust effects of all kinds. The HSL setting can deepen or lighten a color. Advanced users will especially appreciate the use of waveforms, vectors, histograms, and RGB parades.

The Ultimate version allows you to edit multiple angles in a single event. Easily switch from one angle to another and create professional-looking videos. Up to six multi-camera edits can be made with the video editing software.

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