Samsung Smart Monitor M8 costs 929 euros

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Updated March 29: Samsung Has informed us. In Germany, the monitor should have an RRP of 929 euros. Dealers in Germany already listed the model for 749 euros, while in the United States it costs 700 dollars.

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced a new monitor for which there was no release date or price, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8. If features like Bixby or Tizen don’t put you off, then the monitor can do a lot.

Therefore, Samsung Smart Monitor includes PC and mobile connectivity, remote home office and learning capabilities, and Smart Hub, an entertainment hub similar to Samsung’s integrated Smart TV platform. For example, built-in Wi-Fi and a partnership with Microsoft allow the monitor to use Office 365 apps without a PC connection, allowing users to view, edit and save documents to the cloud directly from the screen.

As mentioned above, Samsung’s Tizen system is used under the hood. The monitor is said to cost $700 and offers 4K resolution on all 32 inches. No doubt, AirPlay 2 can also be mentioned as a special feature, so you can quickly mirror content from iPad and iPhone. Samsung writes HDR10+ on the spec sheet, technically a brightness of typically 400 nits is given on the data sheet.

Users can monitor the status of IoT devices throughout the home through the monitor, and can remotely control lighting and home appliances through the SmartThings app. The monitor has a USB-C port that can support 65W charging and micro-HDMI is also integrated.

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