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the smartphone or even that Tablet They have become an indispensable companion in the day-to-day life of many people. With modern technology and many features, the possibilities when using the corresponding devices go far beyond just surfing the web or quickly taking photos. Complex work, the creation of documents or that on line bank it can be done in a few steps thanks to smartphones and tablets. Consequently, personal and sensitive information is often found on the storage media of mobile devices and this is increasingly becoming the focus of criminals. Therefore, powerful security software is particularly important when you are on the go.

Threats to your security are also omnipresent when you use mobile devices

The number of threats has continued to rise in recent years. Unfortunately, this no longer only applies to classic computers or laptops, but also to smartphones or tablets due to the increasing spread of mobile devices. Here too the dangers are enormous and a corresponding reaction is necessary.

Criminals try to access your personal data, for example, with fake and dangerous apps from particular stores. Time and time again, the so-called developers manage to camouflage the programs in such a way that they do not show up as a threat during a verification. If the user assigns the appropriate permissions after a successful installation, criminals can use the appropriate permissions. application easily access the content and data of the mobile device. Activity tracking or contact theft are also common dangers that can arise in such a case.

Meanwhile, the dangers of using smartphones or tablets are even greater. So-called malware now plays a central role here. Have you ever noticed that your device gets very hot without regular use? One reason for this could be malware infestation. This then, for example, transmits important and sensitive information in the background or operates what is known as permissionless mining. As a user, you barely notice this, or only when it’s clearly too late. Criminals are extremely creative when it comes to delivering malware to different end devices. Now there are many different ways to do this. For example, delivery of infected advertisements can already ensure that the malware at system nests and puts your personal information at risk. But even a normal download from the Internet can become a real danger, even if it is a risk at first glance. reliable source.

It is recommended to use security software on all different devices.

Many people are still of the opinion that the many threats on the Internet or in app stores only affect a certain class or group of devices. However, as numerous studies show, this is no longer the case. Fake apps even make it to the Apple App Store, which actually carries out very strict tests and criteria. Even with regular security updates and even very careful use of the device, you are always exposed to the many dangers that arise when using modern technology. Therefore, we always recommend that you use powerful and up-to-date security software on your mobile devices, this applies equally to smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS operating systems. The wide selection leaves almost nothing to be desired.

Practical security solutions for your end devices as a tip in the overview

One of the best known and most popular solutions for increasing security on your home computer is the Kaspersky Total Security 2021 program. This is a so-called All in one solutionyou’re just not low windows 10, windows 11 or Mac, but also Android devices. After purchasing the license for this program, which you can find here in our BestSoftware online store, among other things, you have the option to download the additional application from the Google PlayStore. Install it very easily and assign the necessary permissions for extensive use in everyday life. Among other things, you can rely on a handy and powerful virus scanner. This helps you recognize common dangers and threats right away and then eliminate them. Of course, system scanning or monitoring works in real time with Kaspersky for mobile devices. If you’ve lost your phone or tablet, no problem, if you have the handy Kaspersky app installed, you can locate the device from home in just a few simple steps. Alternatively, the lock is not a problem, and if necessary, you can remotely delete all the information on your device. Other features include the “Lock Apps” feature. Set a PIN code for individual apps on your smartphone or tablet to prevent unauthorized people from opening them. You can only access the app and thus the information after entering the PIN. TO Phishing protection prevent sensitive information from being read or touched on your device, this applies to online banking, for example. an integrated web filter It also protects you when you browse the Internet, for example by directly blocking dangerous links or fake sites.

The Bitdefender Total Security 2021 mobile solution promises you a particularly high detection rate for all common threats and is just as easy to use. By purchasing the license, which is also available here in our BestSoftware online store, there is nothing else to do with the free version. installation of the associated application on the way. One of the great strengths of the app is the support for many different devices. The program can be used on both Android and iOS, and even somewhat older versions of the systems do not pose a problem. An integrated, state-of-the-art antivirus protection and a malware scanner form the basis in the fight against numerous threats from the Internet, emails or social networks. At the same time, you are absolutely safe when using the Internet. Count on Bitdefender’s built-in web protection to give you important tips for safe web browsing. Dangerous and infected websites are immediately blocked when you try to open them. An integrated VPN service ensures more security and anonymity, for example to bypass local blocks and automatically hide your IP address. Confidential apps and programs on your smartphone or tablet can be protected very effectively and easily with security software. Simply encrypt the desired app with a password or using the fingerprint scanner and use your mobile device especially securely. If you ever lose your mobile phone, it’s thanks to the popular bitdefender At least for sensitive data, there is no longer any danger. In this case, the integrated anti-theft protection comes into play, which encrypts your information, images and messages or, alternatively, deletes them completely safely for you. With very simple operation and basic protection that does not require extensive and complex configurations, the mobile solution of Bitdefender Total Security 2021 It is also a very good option for beginners.

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