Sennheiser presents Ambeo|OS and update for its Smart Control application

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Sennheiser has today two things promised: For one thing, a comprehensive software update for the Smart Control mobile app is coming soon. This is Sennheiser’s app, which you can use to connect the company’s Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone. On the other hand, the Ambeo|OS was presented. This is a new firmware for the Ambeo soundbar of the same name from the manufacturer.

If we stick with Ambeo|OS, then according to Sennheiser, this is a new operating system that upgrades the internal soundbars. The update comes to all Ambeo soundbars and introduces support for Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. This should certainly please music streaming fans. After installing Ambeo|OS, the Smart Control app connects to the soundbar with Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, making operation more convenient. Stability and security have also been improved.

An update for Smart Control also brings new features. Two innovations are Sound Check and Sound Zones: Sound Check guides users to the proper EQ settings in three steps. With Sound Zones, true wireless users have the option to optimize EQ settings, noise cancellation, and transparency mode for specific locations. This can be useful if you want a different setup at work than at home.

Different Sennheiser devices can be stored in separate accounts and settings can be transferred between connected devices. The in-app discovery area also offers information about new products and updates from the Sennheiser consumer world. You could also call it self-advertising. As usual, you will also receive firmware updates and access to user manuals through Smart Control.

For even more flexibility, the Ambeo soundbar can also be controlled via the web version. In this way, users have access to control elements in the Internet browser and can flexibly integrate their soundbar into their own digital ecosystem. The new version of the Smart Control App for Sennheiser products and Ambeo|OS for the corresponding sound bars will be available as free updates from March 29.

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