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Already in the latest versions of windows 10 recognized the manufacturer Microsoft a special position for the pre-installed Edge browser and sets it, for example, from the factory as the standard version for surfing the Internet or for opening different files, for example PDFs. But switching to another variant under Windows 10 was still very easy, this is possible under windows 11 at least in some areas not as fast as usual. Now it takes more clicks and more effort to use, for example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera as the default browser on your computer.

Even simple switching from the standard browser is difficult in Windows 11

With the new Chromium base, a revised design, and support for thousands of different plugins, Microsoft Edge is certainly one of the good versions on the market, and the leap from Internet Explorer in particular is huge, but many users still like to use a alternative browser. . Of course, downloading and installing one of the common variants is done quickly, but changing the default browser in Windows 11 is more difficult. A total of eleven clicks are required for the system to accept the new variant as default.

To switch to another browser in Windows 11, open the settings, either via the icon in the start menu or via the Windows + I key combination. Then select the Apps tab and the Standard Apps subitem. Then select the desired software from the list and change all the entries in which Microsoft Edge is stored as default to the new browser. By the way, switching is much easier with Firefox. Mozilla’s free browser has found a way to bypass this time-consuming process with lots of clicks. To do this, simply install the latest version, go to settings and click the “Set as default” button.

Until now, handy tools have promised quick help when choosing a browser.

Please note, however, that changing the default browser does not mean setting up a new system browser. For example, if you click a button in widgets or on the taskbar, the desired content will still open in Microsoft Edge. If you no longer want this either, you simply need to change your system browser. Until now, this has also been done very easily and quickly with Windows 11, at least with the help of the appropriate software products and solutions. Among other things, many users have opted for the small program “EdgeDeflector”. With one click, you can select the small program by trying to open different links and content, which will then redirect directly to the selected standard browser.

However, these times are over with the new Windows 11 updates. In early November 2021, the manufacturer Microsoft brought Build 22494, a preview version, to users for whom this method no longer worked. Meanwhile, this limitation can also be found in the final stable versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 due to two other updates. Unfortunately, the other programs that were previously used as an alternative to “EdgeDeflector” no longer work. So here you are either doomed to look for a workaround or resigned to the fact that Microsoft Edge is still used as the system browser.

By the way: Technically, the deep integration of Microsoft Edge as a system browser is based on a special task. Because while classic links start with “https”, for example, this looks completely different with links that are then opened by the system browser. Here, Microsoft relies on the special format “microsoft-edge://”, which can only be assigned to the Edge browser. So if you click on a corresponding link, in theory, this browser will always open.

In the meantime, new tools for changes are now freely available.

If you decide not to simply accept the restrictions on the use of the browser by Microsoft, you can already benefit from an attractive alternative today. This also promises you very fast help with a very simple application at the same time and is therefore a very good option for beginners and inexperienced users. Choose, among other things, the small but powerful tool “MSEdgeRedirect”. It is available to all users free of charge and can be freely downloaded from the Internet, among other things. Please note, however, that the program is still in a beta state, so problems may still arise. With an update, MSEdgeRedirect is at least technically up to date and helps to work effectively. Tip: If you are already using the tool on your own computer, we recommend checking for the latest update. To do this, simply right-click on the small icon that you will find in the notification area of ​​Windows 11. Then select the “Check for updates” function and install the available update if necessary.

If MSEdgeRedirect is not yet available, download the small program from the Internet. Install this on the computer in the classic way. It may happen that Microsoft issues a warning and tries to block the installation. In this case, you need to click on “More information” and select the item “Run anyway”. The little program is then installed exactly as desired. Confirm the license agreement as part of the order and also click “NEXT”. Now it is important that you select the option “Start MSEdge redirection service with Windows” so that the handy tool opens directly on boot and can start working. Once the installation of MSEdgeRedirect is complete, you can find the program in the taskbar notification area and it will start working immediately. All system links are redirected directly to the standard browser.

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