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Due to the end of support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, many consumers have already switched to Windows 10. For many, however, the transition is yet to come. Would you also like to get your PC in shape? Then click on our software store. Here you can buy different versions of Windows 10 operating system. Best of all, all versions of Windows 10 are available there at a reasonable price.

But what good is a bargain if the selected variant does not meet your requirements? No way! In order to actively support you in your purchase decision, we have taken a closer look at the various versions of Windows 10. Where are the differences? Take a look at the overview below to see which variant best suits your needs.

All versions of Windows 10 at a glance

With today’s Windows operating system, you have many options. But what versions of Windows 10 are there anyway? For the home office, university or business, with Windows 10 there is the right operating system for every need. The only question is: Which Windows 10 do I need? Because not all variants are the same. After all, the manufacturer wants to attract as many target groups as possible. And depending on the clientele, the needs of the program also differ. In the following overview, you can find out which different versions of Windows 10 are available in our online store.

Windows 10 versions useful for
Home Windows 10 private individuals
windows 10S Individuals, educational institutions
Windows 10 Pro Individuals, small businesses
Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Individuals, small businesses
WindowsEnterprise medium and large companies
WindowsEducation Students, educational institutions

For home use: Windows 10 Home

As its name suggests: Windows 10 Home is intended for private and home use. Therefore, the home version is designed for use on PCs or tablets with a screen size of more than 8 inches. 2-in-1 devices are also compatible with it. Tired of unnecessary luxuries? Windows 10 Home offers few tools, and yet everything you need.

It includes the Cortana language assistant, the improved Edge browser and the possibility of using virtual desktops. Gaming fans will get their money’s worth with DirectX 12 support. Don’t forget: Of course, there are also upgrades.

For safe use: Windows 10 S

What’s so special about Windows 10 S? With this version, you only have access to programs in the Microsoft Store. Disadvantage: You can only use the specified apps in the store. But this also offers some advantages. Because Microsoft thought of something. Thus, the stripped down operating system is faster in terms of performance and also more secure.

Since you only use Windows 10 apps, the risk of downloading viruses is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is not surprising that this version is also recommended for educational institutions. After all, safety of use is also the priority here. Are Windows Store Apps Enough For You? So none of that with Windows 10 S.

For professional use: Windows 10 Pro

Many useful features – this is what Windows 10 Pro offers you. Unlike the home version, many other tools are included here. and which are they? First of all, BitLocker device encryption, which takes care of the security of your data. The Windows Update for Business feature is also particularly useful. With this, the available updates can be controlled and coordinated much better.

Also built in: Hyper-V display technology and Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) for better data protection. With the focus on the many security solutions, Windows 10 Pro is a good option for smaller businesses. Do you also have high demands on your Windows 10 operating system as a particular? Then you should opt for the Pro version.

For more performance: Windows 10 Pro for Workstation

Identical to the Pro version and yet different. Because Windows 10 Pro for Workstation gives you all the tools that are also built into Windows 10 Pro. But what’s the difference now? Very easily. With this variant, you get improved support for more memory space and more CPUs per motherboard. This version can be operated simultaneously with up to 6TB of RAM and 4 CPUs. cool, right? So if you have a serious need for maximum performance, then treat yourself to Windows 10 Pro for Workstation.

For business use: Windows 10 Enterprise

Even more features than the Pro version? This is available with Windows 10 Enterprise. This operating system was developed especially for companies. Many other features are designed to simplify daily business operations. For example the AppLocker tool. In this way, administrators can prevent the launch or installation of unwanted software on company computers. This is particularly useful in the business environment.

DirectAccess, on the other hand, ensures secure and transparent access from the home office. Windows To Go is also useful for mobile work. This allows the usual work environment to be dragged onto the USB stick and transferred to the home computer. Due to the various security solutions, Windows 10 Enterprise is worth investing in for medium and large businesses.

For school use: Windows 10 Education

Whether in the classroom or college, this is exactly where Windows 10 Education is used. Because it is designed to facilitate learning. In schools or homeschooling, work is mostly done on tablets. Due to the ease of use and practical functions, it can be used on devices with touch input. However, almost all the tools in the Enterprise version are also included in Windows 10 Education.

Windows 10 versions: What are the differences?

Cortana voice control or adaptation of DirectX 12: thanks to the many new features, it is worth switching to the current operating system. Just can’t decide on a version of Windows 10? In the following table you have the versions of Windows 10 and their differences at a glance.

function House By Business Education
microsoft edge
DirectX 12
virtual desktops
group policy
domain join
remote Desktop
assigned access
Hyper-V client
Direct access
Mobile device management
windows to go
Access Azure Active Directory
Access the commercial store
windows update
Windows Update for Business
Granular User Experience Control
Business data protection
device guard

Windows 10 Home or Pro: Which Windows 10 is the best?

Also wondering which version of Windows 10 is the best option? As the name suggests, Windows 10 Pro is more recommended for professional users. The home version, on the other hand, is a good basic equipment for home use. Windows 10 Pro vs. Windows 10 Home: Which version is winning now? Very clear: The table overview clearly shows that the Pro version comes with many useful features. BitLocker, Windows Update for Business, and more shape your PC.

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