The new LibreOffice is here: an overview of the new features of the popular office alternative



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Whether preparing an application, an overview of your own finances with a table or the presentation for the next day at the office, the possibilities with a good office suite are today more diverse than ever. But in addition to the well-known market leader from the manufacturer Microsoft, there are also many attractive alternatives that should not be underestimated. This applies to LibreOffice, for example. This alternative has also recently received new features and practical tools for effective use in everyday life thanks to regular updates.

What is really behind LibreOffice and what advantages does the solution offer?

The LibreOffice offer is basically a software solution for digital office work. The offer is functionally clearly based on the current market leaders, for example, from the house. Microsoft. Consequently, not only one function is available, but it is an overall powerful and attractive package with many features. In addition to a classic word processor, there is also a spreadsheet, presentation software and a component for creative work, for example design drafts.

In fact, LibreOffice offers some advantages. Among other things, this is a German project, so a corresponding German interface is included by default. At the same time, it is an open source, which is available to all users completely free of charge. This applies even to commercial use. Anyone who can work on the software or just has a greater interest in it can also view the source code directly and for free. This also distinguishes the offer from many competitors. LibreOffice is therefore a very good choice, especially for newcomers to the world of digital office work. The numerous functions are convincing, the operation is very simple and at the same time the software is available for many different platforms. Installation is not only possible under Windows for free, but also under macOS and Linux.

What’s new in the latest LibreOffice updates?

Today, LibreOffice is not only a good alternative to microsoft-office converted because the software is freely available. The practical functions and the consistent further development are also clearly convincing. So, over the years, the program has evolved from a puny offering to a major competitor. LibreOffice is currently version 7, which has been available since early 2020. As part of the major update release, many new features and technologies were included with the Office suite, including improved support for the file format used by Microsoft. . So if you want to work with the corresponding documents or files, now you can do it much better. Another important innovation is support for the ODF 1.3 free text file format. Among other things, this implies full and secure encryption, so security is in no way neglected when using the free Office alternative. Another novelty is the protection of bookmarks and input fields, which prevents accidental changes. The improvement in autocorrect is particularly practical and useful when writing longer texts. Significantly better performance, including in general and in search, should also not be missing from the new version.

is now Libre Office However, it is available in version 7.3, so there were some changes here. In the current update, the development brought, among other things, an extended auto-completion in Calc to make working with large tables and lots of data even more effective. If you also want to work on a document with colleagues, friends or family, you can no longer do it with only the original from Microsoft. Corresponding features for this are also available in LibreOffice and with the new visualizations the developers make the overview even easier. Deleted or inserted table rows can now be easily recognized at a glance.

Developers are also expanding performance and compatibility with other software solutions and focusing on these points. The performance increase should be especially noticeable when opening large Word and Excel files, as it works much faster now.

Who is LibreOffice suitable for as an alternative for digital office work?

LibreOffice software has become more and more an attractive solution. Regular updates and an active community also go a long way to this. Therefore, the huge demand and wide usage by numerous users is not a big surprise. However, as an alternative to other common solutions, LibreOffice appeals to a clear target group, namely private users. With easy operation and a good basis for completing the work at hand, almost nothing is left to be desired when it comes to creating individual documents or creating a table.

However, with LibreOffice you have to accept compromises, especially compared to the product from the manufacturer Microsoft. In the professional segment in particular, the payment solution remains the method of choice for, among other things, making digital office work easy, secure and efficient. Important problems can arise when using special formats or fonts that are not supported by LibreOffice. So if you want to open a special presentation, table, or complex document that was created with Microsoft Office, you can run into problems quickly. Although the compatibility between the different solutions is constantly being extended, it still offers potential for improvement. The coming months and years are likely to see numerous updates, which are also very important for smooth cooperation.

Of course, the range of functions also falls within microsoft-office broader However, it has to be said very clearly here that the range of functions that LibreOffice offers should be more than enough for most users. The different functions are rather special features that are important only in a few areas and should primarily appeal to special target groups. Even in the professional field, the LibreOffice tools are usually completely sufficient for everyday tasks.

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