Windows 10X: a special operating system from Microsoft with a great purpose



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Microsoft Windows 10X operating system you should know

Many users probably didn’t even notice it in the last few months, but they did shortly after the release of windows 10 started Microsoft with the development of a new system. this was called WindowsX and it was even ready to be tested by users in everyday life. Unfortunately, it never made it to a final release. Before the system reached this state, the project was completely finished. There were various reasons for this, although the system was able to bring many advantages. We will introduce you to Windows 10X with all its features and benefits in more detail and highlight all the potential that users missed by completing the project.

What is the special version of Windows 10X?

The development of Windows 10X began in 2019. Originally, with this system, Microsoft was pursuing the idea of ​​producing a slim and fast version for new devices with two screens. However, the target group it addresses has changed significantly over the years. With the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, for example, Microsoft took a radical turn and announced that it would release Windows 10X for affordable entry-level laptops. At the same time, Microsoft also talked about a planned release date, which was dated for spring 2021. However, there was never a final release, because Microsoft finally stopped developing Windows 10X in May 2021. However, at least some of the important innovations and functions have reached the users, as many techniques are then in windows 11 they were integrated.

Microsoft not only indicated the end of further development of Windows 10X, but also justified this step. The manufacturer speaks of a very large potential for the planned system, which is why it should not only be available to a small target group and few users. Consequently, the company decided to transfer the important functions and technologies directly to the current Windows 10 and to the aforementioned Windows 11 as the latest version. The manufacturer put this plan into action even before the actual end of further development of Windows 10X and integrated the first new features into a preview version of Windows 10, which was delivered in September 2020. Here users found the on-screen keyboard for screens touch screens, the dictation function or the emoji selector with support for GIFs. In addition, many other practical features have been introduced in the new Windows 11 system from October 2021.

Windows 10X should support many different programs

With the new Windows 10X system, the manufacturer promised support for so-called Progressive Web Apps, Universal Windows Apps, and also for conventional programs. However, there were big problems with early trial and pre-release versions of classic programs and software solutions because they couldn’t be installed or run. This is mainly due to the technical base that is used in Windows 10X. Because the necessary substructure was missing here, which is responsible for running Win32 programs. Ultimately, this ensured that only simple programs with minified versions on Windows 10X could be installed and used from the store. However, Microsoft had already addressed this factor as part of the development of Windows 10X and promised improvements, including through new container technology. This should also be fully compatible with Win32 apps like Windows 10X 32-bit and 64-bit versions, it should even work on dual-screen devices. At the same time, Microsoft promised to automatically pause the container to significantly increase battery life.

Visually, Microsoft Windows 10X convinces with some special features

Windows 10X should not only promise the user good performance and easy operation, but also convince with an attractive appearance. This was ensured by a thorough review of many important areas of the operating system. The classic lock screen was completely removed, the user was immediately taken to the login screen and could start using it right away. The start menu should also look significantly better and different in Windows 10X, including the rigorous swipe of tiles. The general description of the program is clearly reminiscent of the well-known Android operating system.

If you want to find the right programs or files on your computer quickly and easily, you can rely on a special search bar at the top. Recently opened apps and websites are also displayed and displayed here, so they can be opened very easily if needed. If you still want to keep track of a lot of different programs and entries, you can sort them into folders or just move them around in a few simple steps. The Windows 10X taskbar is clearly reminiscent of the finished product Windows 11. Here too you will find all the icons and shortcuts right in the middle of the taskbar. A dynamic adaptation to the respective context and the automatic disappearance when using an application are also among the important points and optical features of Windows 10X.

Finally, the optical changes and adjustments in the planned Windows 10X extended to the all-important Explorer, which is used for easy file management and searching. Windows Explorer appeared much more modern and slimmer in the planned system, as Microsoft removed many of the seldom-used features. Beginners in particular, whom Windows 10X should be directly targeting, should be able to work much more easily and effectively.

Important advantages and improvements in Windows 10X at a glance

Windows 10X should greatly improve many things, this applies to many functions and technical features and was already evident after installation during the initial setup. Many colorful and simple images are intended to make it easy for beginners to use and the Cortana language assistant is no longer included.

But there were also some differences in the daily use of the operating system in Windows 10X. This applies to funds, for example. These should become dynamic with the new operating system to provide more variety on the home computer. With a day/night switch and many other customization options, including a location-based display, the wish of many users for an individual background should be fulfilled.

Most people are certainly familiar with Windows updates and the associated effort. Especially after a longer period of time, there are often many updates available that take a long time to install. With Windows 10X, Microsoft promised a major enhancement and optimization of the feature to save a lot of time. At the same time, this should probably convince some update muffle to always keep the system up to date. The update process must be completed in a maximum of 90 seconds. Various technical approaches were used for this, including automatic download during normal operation, including local storage, and separate consideration of updates and drivers on the computer.

A windowless Windows operating system is basically unthinkable as things stand today, but manufacturer Microsoft followed a corresponding approach with Windows 10X. All content should now be displayed full screen or in an alternate two-part view. Especially on dual-monitor devices and in everyday use, this should not only ensure an attractive appearance, but also improve efficiency.

Finally, a built-in anti-theft device and a Microsoft Defender exemption are among the important innovations and features planned in Windows 10X. Since all apps could only come from the Windows Store and should therefore be safe, the developer removed the Defender security solution entirely from the system. The anti-theft device prevented the device from being reset without a password or alternate PIN. If the laptop were to be lost, users would at least not be able to do much with it.

Buy or try: this is how users can convince themselves of the new Windows 10X

Some users extensively tested Windows 10X, but the operating system was never made available for purchase. Rather, the ability to test was a so-called software development kit. This is a technical fix for simple testing, but there was also an image available for download to use in the emulator. However, if you wanted to get a first impression of the new Windows 10X, you had to have relatively strong hardware. The respective computer had to use at least a quad-core CPU from Intel, eight gigabytes of RAM and 15 gigabytes of storage space and a DirectX11-compatible GPU.

By the way, even in the case of a final version, Windows 10X should never have been available for classic purchase by the end user. Rather, the manufacturer Microsoft planned to issue the licenses directly to manufacturers of computers and terminal devices. They would then install the system on entry-level devices so they could act as an alternative to Chromebooks. An offer for weaker hardware was also planned, but Microsoft never really had older devices in mind as a target group. This also shows the lack of support for many older drivers. On the other hand, Microsoft promised significantly better performance and even improved battery performance on weaker devices of the new generation thanks to the simplified Windows 10X operating system.

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