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In October 2021, Microsoft released the final version of the latest operating system. Windows 11. The system approached users with a fresh design, revisions in more or less conspicuous places, and the usual complete overall package. A free upgrade function from the previous Windows 10 system is also available again for free. However, if you want to install Windows 11 the classic way on your home computer, choosing the right version plays a central role. With different versions, for example, the choice between Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro, the correct variants are available for various target groups. We will present the common variants and the differences in more detail below.

Windows 11 Home for a cheap entry to the new operating system

If you, as a private user, want to rely on a powerful and modern operating system, you have made a good choice with Windows 11 in the home version. The system is particularly suitable for use in the private sphere, even commercial use is prohibited. For private use, all practical features and individual components are included and the innovations of the operating system are also clearly shown here.

This is evident after the successful installation on the desktop, here the new and significantly changed design greets you at first sight. For example, the start menu can no longer be found on the left side of the taskbar by default, Microsoft has deliberately decided to centralize it. Symbols for all pinned programs or even the start menu can now be found in the middle. Along with a modified color scheme and rounded edges, Windows 11 is much better than Windows 10 and is more modern and slightly fun.

Although Windows 11 Home is the cheap version to get started in a private environment, this system already convinces with many different functions and practical features. This includes, for example, device encryption or Windows Hello to log in using fingerprint or facial recognition. You can also use touch, pen, and voice recognition with Windows 11 Home. Also included is a new Microsoft Store, which offers you many different programs and applications for direct download. Microsoft also introduces Teams software in Windows 11, enabling direct communication between you and your friends or family. The successor to Skype convinces with attractive options and easy handling. As a user, you can also benefit from improved games with more power or from the handy widgets, which have also been recently introduced. However, it is precisely these that should still be known in many cases, even from the old Windows Vista system. With widgets, you can always stay on top of important information, such as the current weather, time, or breaking news.

Choose Windows 11 Pro in the professional environment

if you are the new OS from home Microsoft also want to use in a commercial environment, you must go to the execution Windows 11 Pro grab. This is also officially suitable from Microsoft for extensive use on a professional desktop. At the same time, as a user, you not only benefit from the changes in the mentioned system, but can also rely on additional features and functions.

For example, the possibilities in the field of security go much further. With a handy Bitlocker encryption device, your data is always fully protected and you no longer have to worry about unauthorized access by third parties. Of course, Windows 11 Pro is also clearly ahead when it comes to business management and provisioning. Whether it’s assigned access or dynamic provisioning, the features are extremely diverse. In addition, the new Windows 11 Pro operating system is characterized by special settings and services. For example, trust the Windows Update for Business service. This always provides the latest updates for maximum security and functionality of your computer. If you want to further extend the functionality of Windows 11 Pro, you can also rely on the Microsoft Store for Business. This provides practical software solutions that increase productivity and are available through a volume program. Of course, mobile functions for managing your devices remotely and many other features for stable and secure use of the software should not be missing and characterize the popular Windows 11 Pro operating system for business users.

How to protect the new Windows 11 operating system with the proper license

You can protect the new Windows 11 operating system in its various variants in different ways. The update is particularly easy and at the same time completely free of charge. However, this is only available if one is already legally activated on the compatible computer or laptop. Windows 10 operating system available. When upgrading via the “Windows Update” service, the previously used key is used for the new Windows 11 system. Please note, however, that an upgrade is only possible to the same system version. so take advantage Home Windows 10, will result in a Windows 11 Home. with a pre-installed Windows 10 Pro however, continue to work with a Windows 11 Pro operating system. You can find out if your computer is suitable for the upgrade in just a few clicks through the mentioned service. During the subsequent installation of the new operating system, your previously used programs, most settings, and of course, existing files remain normal, allowing you to continue working without problems.

As an alternative, we recommend the classic clean reinstallation of Windows 11 on your data carrier. However, if there is no UEFI key stored in the system, you must activate the system during installation. Please have your license ready for this and pay attention to the correct variant when purchasing. Depending on your needs, you may need to purchase a special license key for Windows 11 Pro, for example, if you also want to use the new system commercially after installation. The classic Windows 11 start key is, of course, completely sufficient to get started.

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